My name is Sam and I’m a UK mathematics undergraduate/masters* student with the aspiration to continue studying algebraic geometry as a post-graduate. Welcome to my personal site, where I write about mathematics and study skills relevant to other students, as well as unrelated personal thoughts, which may not be relevant to anyone. Through this site, I look forward to connecting with fellow students, and helping each other along on our respective journeys.

My other interests include swing dancing, veganism, and reading (mostly non-fic and sci-fi). I live in Liverpool with my wife, no kids, and a weird dog.

I’ve been proudly free from social media since the end of 2016 (hence this becoming an outlet for personal updates), but if you’re stopping by, please connect with me by leaving a comment or sending an email to sam@thetangent.space.

* It’s a type of extended undergraduate course in the UK that awards a masters degree at the end.