Technical problems with the site

In the last couple of weeks,¬†WP-QuickLaTeX, the WordPress plug-in I use to render LaTeX equations and diagrams, has stopped working. I have been trying to sort the issue out, but so far no luck. Both my hosting company and the plug-in developers say that everything looks fine from their end, and I’ve tried reinstalling the plug-in, switching the theme, and so on. I don’t use any other plug-ins and haven’t fiddled with any settings.

There are alternative plug-ins that do LaTeX equations, notably ones that use MathJax. If I cannot get this fixed, I’ll switch. However, the alternative plug-ins only allow basic equations, whereas I already have a post that makes heavy use of diagrams. WP-QuickLaTeX has to this point been ideal, since it supports many major LaTeX packages and allows me to customize my preamble.